Be watchful for those who seek to entangle.

              Recently I was not watchful

I confess to being presumptous  and not being on my guard

It took days to  be disentangled.


            Some Christians have been entangled in  un necessary or  excessive ministry.  eg  deliverance from demons who are not there.

some have suffered from excessive or unnecessat medical treatment.


          Bearing in mind  keen Christians want to grow

want to be set free


Where is wisdom ?


1)   The Christian life is obeying Christ firstly  not other Christians or those in ministry.

               Whilst we are to gather together

               Whilst Christ is present when 2 or 3 gather in His name

               Whilst we are to submit to one another

        we ought not develop co dependancy


2)   Church is not always safe. 

     It should be but is often not.

          Jesus warned us of:  wolves in sheeps clothing ( they look like Christians)

                                         goats ( those who do not obey Him)

                                         snakes and vipers  ( He was addressing the religous leaders  )

3)  "There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus"

             It is not just resisting the devil's condemnation

              but being on guard from condemnation from som e in the Church who judge  in the flesh.

                       those who put others down thinking they will be superior.

              Be aware that gossip and slander are sin.

                  much gossip is condeming others.


4)   Seek out those who build up.

     those who desire to see others set free outside of  rigorous programmes  or excessive ministry.


At the concept stage


to  think over


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