There are many Christians today
who are hearing messages that God heals, that God causesus to prosper
who are on a treadmill seeking answrs that never come
or partially come
who are attracted to the promises made by a church or ministry
   but it does not come to pass
they go to another church to encounter thesame promices 
the same disappointments
   they are criticised / accused of not having enough faith etc.
   despair sets in
   or addiction to endless prayer, endless ministry and seemingly endless despair.

      I do believe in miricles
            I have experienced many
      I do pray  and have seen many answers to prayer
      I do believe that God provides


there needs to be a balance

   my testomony is that each victory, each release, every provision is a blessing.
  but some conditions are addressed step by step.


there is a fundamental flaw that needs addressing

 Whilst God saves, delivers, heals and restores

His primary objective is our relationship with Him
   He is more that the God of miricles.

The Lord God  desires to builds our character.

I'm writing this  at almost 2am  so the scripoture referances needd to be added later

let me quote relevant scripture:

"Suffering produces perfection."
    what we might see as a delayed answer to prayer may well be God producing our character.

"All things work together for good  for those who love God
    and are called for his purposes"

        Maybe it is time for us to spend more time and energy resting in Him.

        maybe it is time to rejoice in miricles and breakthroughs
           and to see when there is a step by step process.

   We are justified through Christ's death on the cross

    We have victory through His resurrection.

     What about the process of anctification?

Sanctification is a process that takes place over time.

a process where suffering has a purpose.

    I am benifiting from physiotherapy. It only works when there is pain
           to releae muscular tension or stored  trauma.

    Pain has a message.   maybe we would be better spending les time numbing pain
less time praying away pain
and more time hearing the message of our pain
and addressing the issue.

I'm not referring to chronic pain
but diagnostic pain.

not the pain of patient in palitivecare where reliev from the pain is needed
   patients in palitive care know their condition

likewise orthopedic patients needed to feel the pain to inform their surgeon
but after the operation pain killers are needed
the source of the pain is known.

I am an adult survivor of  sexual trauma in my early childhood.
feeling the trauma, the pain is essential for my health care
and identifying my needs.
   If I were to numb all my pain I might see a psychologist
        when I need a physiotherapist to treat pain in my pevlic floor muscles.
   on the other hand pain relief is neded to make live bearable.
   my condition equires a gradual release of trauma and extremly traumatic memories.

same with retuned servicemen who carry the trauma of war.

   Some Christians have chronic health conditions such as asthma.

When Jesus healed the man at the pool
there were others Jesus did not heal.

He heals some to glorify the Father.
Some are just not healed.

Do I believe in miriculous healing?
I know many who have been healed.

Do I know many faithful, prayerful Christians who were not  healed?

I was  47  when the memory of being indecently assulted at the age of 14 was released.

I was 22 when the Lord told me there was something I had to address.

I was 58   when my mother made disclosures that opened the floodgates of my locked away memories of extreme sexual abuse in my very early years. I was ready for a long, difficult and arduous often frustrating journey of recovery.

What stands out in my mind is how the Lord prepared me
in my early twenties
when He equiped me for this journey.
when solid foundations of repentance were laid.
when I was taught sound principles
It is now 40 years since those foundations were laid

I give thanks for teaching on what would be my forty years in the desert experience.

during that time the Lord has been working in my life

and He gave me the strength to have a fruitful ministry during those years.

then after I lost my stipend and use of the church buildings
   when I stood against sexual abuse in my longstanding members ranks.
it was time for me to unlock the doors
and process my memories.

During this time I have prayed without ceasing
                               sought out ministry
                               searched the scriptures for answers
                               earched out matters
                                received counselling

   this journey of recovery is a work on progress.

   I prayed that the Lord would give me transferrable concepts to pass onto others.

  so I want to encourage Christians praying for answers  who are not seeing instant answers.
 be strong and of good courage.


faith works

God is working out His purposes in our lives.

I do hope in Him when I face brick walls
                        when a professional refuses to answer a question  or doesn't know.

Hope in God neutralises despair.

    even when one experiences depression or despair
           as the Psalmist did.

let us be patient

with enduring faith

being strong i the Lord.

    have I covered your situation?
   I apologise if a remark I have made is not helpful to you
    please bear in mind it may be helping someone else

   may it be that something else is encouraging you today.

      For 18 years in denominal ministry I provided Pastoral care
visiting hospitals,  reaching out to students in religous intruction
  seeking to equip them for life
  sometimes aware they carried heavy burdens

      I do care
          whatever your situation.
  and I write this page to encourage you to

Trust in the Lord
in all your ways acknowledge Him
and He will direct your paths"    Proverbs 3 v 6.

    endure to the end

    with his strength and courage

 His love casts out fear
    but that is another message.

God bless

The Lord be with you.