Many christians give the impression that love is like a delicate flower
easily crushed
maybe I am misunderstanding   how love is working out in their lives
maybe they simply have been blessed

     I guess because I carry a paralysing fear from my early years
I need a strong love.

      "the power of your love" (Hillsong) 
encourages me

God's love has strength.

'Love casts out fear"

it is love, not faith that casts out fear.

we ought to learn from scripture to chose the correct spiritual weapons.

    Love is like the powerful driving strong wind
          that drives heavy sailing ships accross the ocean.

It is LOVE that casts out fear.

God's pefect love.

   To love God and to love our neighbour is the greatest of the commandments.

    We are comanded to love.

love casts out fear.

   we can ask God to  equip us to excercise love
  His perfect, powerful love to drive out fear.

may you be encouraged

PS  He breaks the chains ( often others negative words)  that bind us.
that's another message